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WB series

Exquisite with Quick Charging

VR glasses management guru


Color . Appearance . Function are freely combined

Creative inspirationCreative inspiration

Charging equipment


Deploy more specialized charging solutions for a variety of devices.

QiPengtech offers hardware and software solutions, perfect for all industries, that will save your organization time and money.


Fully Autonomous, Uncompromisingly Sustainable

TC Series

Bright spot

UV Ligh/Timing

Charging mode

Industrial grade PDU

QP-R30TC, the use of industrial grade PDU charging mode, with detachable baffle, better compatible with different specifications of equipment on the market; The UV lamp can quickly disinfect the equipment while charging to prevent cross infection, and the timed charging can charge and disinfect the equipment within the set range to prevent the loss of overcharging.

TB Series

Bright spot

UV Ligh/Timing

Charging mode

​5V-2.4A USB port

QP-R30TB is based on the QP-R30TA (TA series) upgrade, and unlike the TB series is equipped with professional UV germicidal lamp, can be used in a very short time to kill the equipment, accurate timing function is also one of the highlights of this series, you can charge and sterilize within the set time....

WHY QiPeng

What is our advantages ?

Each product has short-circuit and over-current protection, equipped with high-quality power supply anoeakage protection switches. UV-C disinfection lamp and timing function is our advantage in the marketOur charging cabinets and charging trolley case meet the needs of the mid&high-end market, have goodproduct feedback and high re-purchase rate, almost no after-sales problems,so we are your best choice inthe charging solution market. Our top-quality products have helped our customers win many projects for along time.



Our Industry Partners

We have supplied the charging cabinets and trolley cases to well-known companies such as world-renowned educational VR company, Local premium Apple and Logitech distributors in a few countries,Huawei and Haier, and we help some of our customers win several charging cabinet projects of local schools in many countries, and some projects related to United States government agencies.

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