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The Problems in Educational 
Device Management

In schools and educational institutions, students and teachers often use tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices for teaching and learning. Charging cabinets can provide a centralized management location, reducing the risk of device loss and damage, ensuring orderly device management.

Centralized Device Management

Charging cabinets can ensure that all devices are fully charged before use,avoiding disruptions in classroom teaching or learning activities due to insufficient battery levels, ensuring continuity and efficiency in teaching.

Ensuring Ample Device Battery

Improving Transition Efficiency between Classes

ntly charge devices during breaks between classes. Charging cabinets can charge devices during short break times, ensuring that devices have sufficient battery power for the next class.

Charging cabinets typically come with secure locks or biometric unlocking features, ensuring that devices can only be used by authorized personnel, preventing devices from being taken or stolen at will. This also protects the personal data and privacy of students and teachers.

Secure Storage

As the digitalization of education accelerates, more and more courses and content are disseminated and shared through electronic devices. Charging cabinets can ensure that these devices are always in good working condition, supporting digital learning anytime, anywhere.

Promoting Digital Learning

Charging cabinets equipped with UV light sterilization functions can disinfect devices while charging, ensuring device hygiene, reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses, especially safeguarding the health and safety of teachers and students during outbreaks.

Hygiene Management

Convenient Device Allocation

Charging cabinets can classify and store devices by class or function, making it easy for teachers to quickly find and distribute devices, saving time and improving teaching efficiency.

Charging cabinets in the education industry not only improve device management efficiency and security but also ensure the smooth progress of the teaching process, promoting the digitalization and smart development of education. By using charging cabinets, schools and educational institutions can better manage and maintain electronic devices, enhance overall teaching quality, and improve students’ learning experiences.

Charging cabinets support data synchronization and software updates for devices during charging, ensuring consistent software versions for all devices, which is very helpful for centralized management and maintenance by school IT administrators.

oftware and Hardware Synchronization and Updates

Schools and educational institutions use a variety of device types, from tablets and laptops to VR headsets. Charging cabinets can support the charging needs of devices with various interfaces, meeting the diverse management needs of teaching tools.

Support for Different Types of Devices

For outdoor teaching or situations requiring device mobility (such as lab classes or outdoor activities), wheeled charging cabinets provide portable charging solutions, ensuring devices are fully charged wherever they go.

Portable Charging Solutions

The efficient charging management and smart power control functions of charging cabinets can reduce energy waste, extend device battery life, thereby reducing school expenses on device maintenance and replacement.

Resource and Cost Savings

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