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Solve the cumbersome problem of batch charging and plugging of equipment,

launch MS series, just put in and push in two steps to solve the charging

One push,one release
to charge

The magnetic interface can be adjusted according to the size of the device,

8 "to 11" tablet is no problem;

There's no problem between 8 and 11 inches

When different devices need to be charged,

you only need to change the interface to plug in and charge.
No need to replace the whole line, flexible and changeable


UV lamp sterilization, can kill common bacteria in a short time, bactericidal rate of up to 99.99%, to avoid equipment cross infection;

Make every charge
clean and hygienic

The charging cabinet has a timed charging function to charge
within the set time to avoid overcharging the device and damage the battery,
reducing the battery life. After charging, the UV lamp will automatically turn on
for 5 minutes for disinfection and sterilization;

One-click timing

Excellent cooling system, can effectively protect the equipment,

when the temperature rises, the cooling fan automatically open heat dissipation;

Cooling system

With load-bearing universal wheel, mobile charging cabinet, easy and simple;

Push-pull handle

Bearing universal wheel

The charging cabinet will be equipped with four load-bearing

universal wheels, a single wheel can bear 100kg,

Two are with locking function, step down is locked, lift is moved;

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